News: Miele More Innovations Than Ever Before


Miele More Innovations Than Ever Before

Can’t quite get your head around this? No? Well neither could Sharon & Steve who made a visit to Miele HQ to experience Generation 7000. The biggest and most ground-breaking launch in Miele’s 120 year history.

We are so excited about this new technology we had to share it with you straight away.

Miele are going beyond the ordinary and introducing 353 new products with exclusive technology, enhanced connectivity and clear, intuitive user interfaces.

Since Miele was founded in 1899, they have proved time and time again with pioneering technology, obsessive craftsmanship and refined design. They have now set another benchmark.

THE WORLDS FIRST DIALOG OVEN – this changes everything we know about cooking.

With it’s revolutionary technology you can create the unimaginable. Sensors maintain a constant dialogue with the ingredients to cook food in its entirety. Put meat, fish and vegetables at the same time and each item will be cooked to perfection. This was demonstrated by cooking a piece of salmon contained inside a block of ice! Amazingly it was cooked to perfection.

How do you like your Sunday joint cooking? If you like your beef medium rare this can be maintained throughout the whole joint. No crispy dry bits on the outside that end up in the bin. If you choose to brown your joint then that’s easily achievable too.

TASTECONTROL: The days of overbaking and overcooking is a thing of the past. At the end of the cooking cycle, the door opens automatically, rapidly cooling the oven. And a maintenance temperature can be set so that food stays warm or meat can rest.

MOTIONREACT: Thanks to motion detecting technology, appliances can now react to peoples movement: oven lights and displays turn on and end-of-cycle signals automatically switch off when someone approaches.

Now it’s possible to check up on food anytime, anywhere thanks to the internal camera and the Miele@mobile app. Temperature and cooking time can even be adjusted from a tablet or smart phone. Available in 3 of the Miele lines.

DUELSTEAM: Introducing our most powerful steam oven to date. DualSteam seals in flavour and nutrients and also maintains extremely uniform temperature and humidity throughout the oven. It’s so uniform, in fact, settings can be made in one degree increments and sous vide cooking is possible.

Sharon & Steve experienced a whole lot more at Miele and if you’d like to hear more call into the showroom for a chat or drop us a line.

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“A total transformation, it’s exactly what we had hoped for – just perfect. From start to finish the whole team have done an amazing job.”

Bryan & Jill M- Fulford