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Modern Or Traditional

We recently ran a poll on our Facebook Page (@scammellinteriors). It was to see which style of kitchens our followers would choose if they could have anything they wanted ‘contemporary and modern or a more traditional shaker style?

The result is quite interesting. 75% of our followers would like a contemporary modern style kitchen and only 25% opted for the traditional shaker style. Our current clients are saying the opposite with our traditional hand built shaker style kitchens being very popular.

So how do you decide what style suits you and your home?

This is where we can help. Right from the beginning our design brief helps you break down what you want from your kitchen into small bite size pieces so the whole process is not too overwhelming. Our friendly designers have many years of experience designing the perfect kitchens for our clients.

Do you have to keep in harmony with the age of your property? Not necessarily – it depends on what you prefer. A modern streamlined contemporary design can work well in an older build if it is expertly designed. As can a shaker style look equally stunning in a new build.

A hand built traditional kitchen can be designed to look contemporary. And this is where the fun begins with so many different options, in-frame, door styles, handles and hinges. The colour selection is endless as they can be hand painted in any paint colour you choose. Advice is always on hand.

The internal of your kitchen is equally as important as the exterior finishes. Larders with deep drawers expertly made using traditional methods are increasingly popular and can even be carved with what you’d like to fill them with. For example – Bottle Store – Grain Store (Cake/Chocolate)! Adding pull out racking will optimise storage and including integrated appliances and bins/recycling will keep your kitchen looking clutter free (if that’s how you like it).

Your kitchen design is about you, your lifestyle and family.

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“A total transformation, it’s exactly what we had hoped for – just perfect. From start to finish the whole team have done an amazing job.”

Bryan & Jill M- Fulford